Aracaju joins Brazil’s roadmap of smart cities

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The city has adopted Bright Cities platform to improve its services and to guarantee a better quality of life for all citizens

Smart cities continue to gain the attention of public managers, who recognized the concept as a key tool for achieving a more sustainable and prosperous future. Smarter cities not only build more efficient and innovative public services with the help of technology, but they are also capable of engaging our society, creating more entrepreneurial opportunities, improving municipal management systems and ensuring the quality of life for its citizens.

Bright Cities has been demystifying the by proving that, in addition to being a resilient and sustainable city, a smart city is a possible city. For this reason, we work in close partnership with municipalities of any scale and budget to develop, together with governors, intelligent roadmaps for the Brazilian urban reality.

After Juazeiro do Norte, the first Brazilian city to adopt our platform, Aracaju also became a Bright Cities‘ partner. With ou innovative technology, in a few months of research and analysis we were able to trace a complete city diagnosis in ten areas of urban activity, like security, education, health, mobility, energy, technology and innovation, environment, entrepreneurship, governance and urbanism.

Photo: Ana Lícia Menezes

More than 160 indicators were used to collect the information, many of them directly related to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Besides evaluating Aracaju’s urban infrastructure and services, our platform also shows which areas has opportunities to be improved and which ones should be considered the city’s priorities.

Bright Cities‘ diagnosis not only develops comparisons between Brazilian cities, but from all around the world, presenting benchmarking cases of smart solutions that have already proven to be possible and reliable in other cities. For Edvaldo Nogueira, mayor of Aracaju, the focus on concrete initiatives motivates further public managers to transform our cities: “It is a platform that provides a theoretical foundation, opens up possibilities to go further and presents concrete elements so that we can think outside the box”, says.

In addition to the diagnosis, Bright Cities platform also evaluated the budget, urgency and scale of Aracaju’s urban context to create an exclusive roadmap, suited to it needs. In the document, we have mapped and indicated which solutions could help the city to face urban challenges and problems. In total, we elected 80 viable smart initiatives to make Aracaju a smart city!

“All the work was customized for Aracaju”, explains Bright Cities CEO, Raquel Cardamone: “We used all of Aracaju’s domain in public management – which is very innovative -, so that we could identify opportunities in the city”.

For Edvaldo Nogueira, Bright Cities‘ contributions are already showing results for Aracaju: “It is a tool that will help us to improve the process of building a smart city. The work of Bright Cities comes to aggregate and strengthen what we are already doing with our Strategic Planning, which we have already had extraordinary results. This is another possibility to build the city of the present, think about the future and enhance benefits for the population. I believe that, with the platform, we will be even more able to find new solutions to old problems, all based on the good experiences from other cities around the world”, concludes.

Photo: Ana Lícia Menezes

To learn more about this partnership, visit the Aracaju‘s website. We congratulate the city for the initiative, opening doors for more Brazilian cities to become a smart city! To find out how you can improve your city, schedule a conversation with us and learn more about Bright Cities‘ work.