Bright Cities brings together more than 1.000 smart solutions and good urban practices

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Smart cities platform offers the world’s largest database and marketplace for urban solutions in just one place

More than 1,000 smart solutions and good urban practices can be found online on Bright Cities platform, a startup that offers precise diagnoses and innovative solutions to make cities smarter everyday.

Largest in the world on the subject, the database is the result of years of research and includes only initiatives already carried out and with positive impacts in other cities. This is because all registrations are only approved after an extensive analysis process, carried out by the platform’s data scientists team, and where the technology’s costs, temple of implementation and efficiency in different urban contexts are measured.

“Our database is constantly updated and it never stops growing, only including solutions that are already consolidated and have proven to be successful in different cities”, explains Raquel Cardamone, Bright Cities CEO.

The platform also includes a marketplace for suppliers of smart cities, a space that connects managers and public administrators with the most important developers of urban solutions in the world.

When developing out a city’s diagnosis, the platform identifies which urban areas need improvement and maps among the solutions registered in its database those capable of solving problems in the best way. The results are then presented in a personalized roadmap, full of innovative initiatives capable of improving public services, public management and the quality of life for residents.

Bright Cities believes that any city in the world can become a smart city based on technological solutions with great impact on the daily lives of managers and citizens. Discover the platform’s smart solutions database to find out how they can transform your city.