Check out the Smart Cities e-book developed by Bright Cities

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The e-book is for of charge and gathers all of the fundamental concepts about smart cities

Want to know more about smart cities? Bright Cities gathered some of the main concepts on the subject in the e-book “Como transformar sua cidade em uma Cidade Inteligente” (How to transform your city into a Smart City, available in portuguese).

In it you will find out what a smart city is, how to use smart solutions to improve urban services and how to make your city smarter! Download the e-book for free and learn how to start this transformation. Some of its themes include:

  • What are smart cities
  • How to transform your city into a smart one
  • How to apply smart solutions in cities
  • How Bright Cities contributes to building smart cities

Bright Cities is a disruptive platform for diagnosing your city’s roadmap so it become smarter every day. Visit: Upgrade your city today!


Dúvidas Frequentes – FAQ

FAQ – BRIGHT CITIES O QUE A BRIGHT CITIES FAZ? A Bright Cities é uma plataforma online que desenvolve diagnósticos e roteiros de soluções customizadas