First Brazilian Letter for Smart Cities is being written

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The document is defining a consensus on what would a smart city be in the Brazilian urban context

The first Brazilian Charter on Smart Cities is under development, with the mission of guiding and stimulating any municipalities to adopt sustainable and smart urban policies.

Written by the National Secretariat for Regional and Urban Development (SDRU) in an open and participatory process, the letter has contributions by private, governmental and academic institutions. “The goal is to formulate the letter in a collaborative environment at multiple scales and with the participation of all spheres of power, as well as the economic sectors involved and institutions that operate in this segment. The participatory process facilitates the articulation of public policies, programs, initiatives and investments based on a common vision”, says SDRU Secretary Adriana Melo.

Among the Letter’s main objectives is the definition of a consensus on what would a smart city be in the Brazilian context. In addition, the document also promotes the orientantion and articulation of policies, programs and investments dedicated to the theme. The document will also feature human rights and sustainable policies.

The charter is expected to be published by next year, which will include a number of new or already existing strategies for the economic, social and environmental development of Brazilian cities.

Bright Cities is one of the participants in the initiative, and has contributed to some of the leading smart city documents in the country, including the creation of the first ISO standard dedicated specifically to the topic.