Bright Cities platform brings a new feature

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Now, it’s easier to see which SDGs of Smart City each indicator is related to, improving public management

The world’s largest database for smart cities keeps updating.  In addition to diagnosing, collecting and analyzing data from more than 150 indicators from 10 areas of public management, and besides developing solutions scripts, technologies and smart initiatives for cities, Bright Cities has just added new functions to its platform. Now, it’s possible to see which Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) and Smart City ISO each indicator is related to.

The news comes at a time when there are 9 years left for the States of Brazil and the world to ensure the implementation of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations (UN) for a sustainable and efficient development of public services, urban life and the resources of the planet. The global plan signed by the 193 UN member states aims to eradicate poverty at all scales and guarantee a dignified life for all the inhabitants of the planet, always within our limits and considering available natural resources.

With new updates, Bright Cities is able to analyse the performance of the governments in each of the 169 goals distributed among the 17 UN SDGs: after collecting the data, the platform delivers to the public managers and citizens a diagnosis that shows, in real time, how the performance of cities in Brazil and the world is going in relation to each of the goals established by the organization.

In addition, the new feature also helps to qualify government plans and executive mandates from comparative rankings and regional contexts which can identify the main social and economic challenges of cities, list priority actions and offer solutions based on consolidated data and global good practices of public management.

Bright Cities is an indispensable tool, not only for public managers but for any citizen who wants to monitor more effectively and transparently, today and for the next few years, the actions and improvements that are being put into practice in their cities.