Bright Cities maps smart solutions to stop COVID-19’s impact on cities

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Platform is researching and including in its database the initiatives that can help cities fight the global pandemic

The global crisis caused by COVID-19 is causing serious consequences for life in urban centers. As a platform of smart solutions for cities, Bright Cities is doing its part and contributing to map technologies capable of reducing this pandemic’s impact on our cities. Our team of professionals, made up of researchers, data scientists and consultants, has been working non-stop for two weeks to map these solutions, whether they new or already existing, to help the health, the economy, the public safety and even the education of cities in this moment of crisis.

We are making all informations about this initiatives available online and free of charge in our database of intelligent solutions. There are already more than 15 initiatives and good practices mapped by us, and you can access each one of them by visiting our database and looking for “CORONAVIRUS” in the search field.

“Using up-to-date data and comparative statistics is the most assertive way to carry out the necessary urban politics to face emergency situations, like the current one, and to create medium and long-term development parameters”, says Raquel Cardamone, founder of Bright Cities. “We hope that, by making this data available online and free of charge for citizens and public managers, we will be able to encourage new strategies and public policies to combat this pandemic in cities and to mitigate its impacts”, she adds.

We listed below some of these solutions. Discover how technology can help transform city life in times of pandemic. Do you have an initiative and think you can contribute? Tell us about it here.


Contribution area: education
Suplier: HUAWEI
Videoconferencing classroom that provides an interactive learning platform for personals access to live courses with real time interaction of video, audio and data. The platform supports integration with eLearning platform to enable multiple access approaches. Live eClassroom helped the Longgang District of Shenzhen to provide smart education services for 400,000 students across 74 schools. The solution enables smart education, distance learning, and self-learning for both teachers and students.


Contribution area: health
Suplier: Supercom
Emergency Response system is a great solution for home care, assisted living, and other long term care facilities. Using the system, residents can be monitored to ensure their safety, providing peace of mind for those who are living alone and for their loved ones. The waterproof wrist tag worn by the resident can be used to trigger an emergency call. The same can be done from the Base Unit which can also function as a two-way communication system with any phone number. The tag can automatically identify a fall and trigger an emergency call from the Base Unit. The system allows continuous monitoring of the patient or resident even outside the range of the home unit using a dedicated mobile app.


Contribution area: technology and innovation
Suplier: NokNox
Vizinho do Bem is a platform created on an emergency basis to connect people who are willing to help other people at greater risk of exposure to COVID-19. Be it, for example, buying products in supermarkets and pharmacies, or just solving simpler things like taking the dog for a walk.


Contribution area: technology and innovation
Suplier: Colab
The solution is a citizen-to-government engagement platform that offers a social network for citizens, focused on issue reporting, urban improvement suggestions and public services evaluations, as well as participation in the decision making process. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the app launched the BRASIL SEM CORONA initiative, in partnership with Epitrack. Performing an online screening, the application identifies the user’s symptoms and sends the data to public managers and health officials, who can identify possible epicenters of the disease with the information collected.


Contribution area: governance
Coronavirus – SUS APP
Suplier: Ministério da Saúde
The Brazilian Ministry of Health launched the Coronavirus-SUS app with the objective of raising awareness about the Corona Virus COVID-19. The application has the following features: 1. Information on various topics such as symptoms, how to prevent, what to do in case of suspicion and infection and etc; 2. Map indicating nearby health units; 3. In case of suspected infection, the citizen can check if the symptoms are compatible with Corona’s, and if so, they will be instructed and referred to the nearest basic health unit; 4. Official news area of ​​the Ministry of Health with a focus on Coronavirus.


Want to find out more COVID-19 related solutions? Visit our database and search for “CORONAVIRUS” in the search field. Over the next few days, we will make a series of LIVES on our Instagram about smart solutions to fight this pandemic. Be sure to also follow our social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to discover the initiatives that are helping mitigate the impacts of COVID-19.

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