Follow the main events on smart cities in 2021

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Schedule features digital and face-to-face programming focused on best urban practices for smarter and more livable cities

Keeping an eye on post-pandemic trends and global best practices for smart cities, Bright Cities listed the most important events in Brazil and in the world for those who want to closely monitor essential urban transformations in creating more livable and sustainable cities.

First half of the year

Smart Cities International Symposium & Exhibition (23 and 24 February) – online
Organized by the Smart Grid Observer, the virtual symposium emphasizes implementation strategies, case studies, best practices and the development of attractive business models to transform cities into smart cities in the 21st century.

South by Southwest (SXSW) (March 16-20, 2021, Austin, USA) – online
There are five days of online event divided into seven thematic pillars and varied meeting formats. Highlight for the theme “The new urgency”, with panels that will discuss subjects such as technology and urban evolution for adaptable cities and the power of good data governance for cities.

IIoT World’s Manufacturing Day (March 18, 2021, Ohio, USA) – online
The conference brings together experts in the Internet of Things (IoT) to share ideas about smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and machine learning, exploring the most innovative cases in the world.

SDG Global Festival of Action (25 and 26 March 2021) – online
With a focus on the 2030 Agenda, the online edition was designed to be a space for sharing the most relevant, impactful and bold proposals on a global level to meet the 17 UN SDGs.

BforPlanet (May 25th to 27th, Barcelona, Spain) – in person
In its first edition, the event is structured around a congress, which will delve into the most critical issues facing the world today. The goal is to create a platform for the advancement of SDGs in cities.

Smart City Expo Atlanta (June 9-10, Atlanta, Georgia) – in person
The only North American edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress brings together a global community committed to the advancement of smart urban solutions, supported by pillars such as technology, equity, prosperity and inclusion.

Second half of the year

Connected Smart Cities & Mobility (September 1 and 2, in person, São Paulo, Brazil; September 3, online)
The event presents the concrete experiences of initiatives carried out in smart cities around the world. Throughout the year, pre-events called “CSCM Connection Points”, will be held live in different locations in the city of São Paulo.

Expo 2020 Dubai (October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates) – in person
Held every five years, the global event chose Dubai as the venue for the 2020 edition. In addition to sustainability, opportunity and mobility are also part of the trails covered by the expo content.

UN World Data Forum (October 3-6, Bern, Switzerland) – in person
This time organized by the Swiss Confederation, the forum seeks to intensify cooperation between various professional groups in order to discuss the sustainable development of nations for the fulfillment of the UN Agenda 2030.

Smart City Expo World Congress (November 16-18, Barcelona, Spain) – in person and online
Main event focused on smart cities and urban solutions in the world, Smart City Expo returns to Barcelona in 2021 to celebrate its tenth edition with two more simultaneous events on the agenda: the Smart Mobility Congress and the Retail & Brand Experience World Congress. In addition to the face-to-face meeting, the content will be transmitted on a digital platform.

Smart City Expo Curitiba (undefined date, Paraná, Brazil) – in person
The largest smart cities event in Brazil will bring together scholars, investors, startups, public managers and third sector entities to debate the future of cities, with a focus on improving the lives of citizens.

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