What are smart cites?

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As a disruptive platform, Bright Cities wants to demystify the smart city concept and prove that the future has already arrived

What is a smart city? Many people talk about it, but few actually know what a smart city means. Smart city is a city that employs technology to improve public services, making them more agile, cheaper and efficient. Solutions can be geared to any area of ​​public management, such as health, education, security, mobility, urbanism and governance.

Creating and implementing innovative and integrated projects through technology is a powerful tool for facing contemporary challenges. It is also the best alternative for ensuring life quality and a sustainable development that cities, from all over the world, need.

Today, according to international standards, there is no city in the world that can be classified as a 100% smart city. But guess what? By 2025, there will be 26 smart cities across the globe, such as Vancouver (image). Canada, United States, China, Japan and countries in Europe already have advanced projects in the area and will be leading the process. It is important to keep in mind that any city can gradually become a smart city.

Bright Cities helps cities of any nation or size to find the best development paths until they become a smart city. It is always time to get started.