Welcome to Bright Cities

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We help cities of any scale or nationality to become agile, efficient and, off course, smarter

Optimizing resources and finding solutions through data is crucial for building more sustainable and efficient cities, and that’s when smart cities become decisive. Its intelligence consists in using data as raw material to draw diagnostics, design solutions, anticipate problems and even evaluate each decision performance.

Bright Cities is designed to help any city to become smarter using global indicators. With a pioneer methodology, our platform gathers, analyzes and connects data from various sources to trace diagnoses about cities performances of any size and nationality in ten areas of expertise. From there, we establish a roadmap, listing priority actions, schedules and budgets to improve the life quality of its residents, public services and government. It is a gradual evolution, so that each city analyzed can become more efficient and intelligent until it is fully converted into a smart city.

 “We need to demystify the smart city concept”, says Bright Cities Executive Director Raquel Cardamone. “Any city can become smarter using technological solutions that are often free and have a big impact on the daily lives of governors and residents,” she adds. The ten areas analyzed by Bright Cities are safety, education, health, mobility, energy, technology and innovation, environment, entrepreneurship, governance and urbanism. Through Machine Learning and artificial intelligence, the platform runs a complex algorithm of indicators capable of creating a tailor-made guidance with time, cost and impact evaluations.